Saturday, February 03, 2007

One month in Nairobi - check!

Well, it's been a month and a month which has definitely flown by. Today, I went for a walk around the city and still discovering all kinds of hole in the wall restaurants with brilliant soups (Chinese chicken and spinach) and fresh mango juice. I don't know why I keep waiting for the right time to check out either Java House or Normans - their two big coffeehouses... I'm afraid that I'll be disappointed coming from Vancouver, the coffee village. I now notice that there are cybercafes (big and small) EVERYWHERE in this city and 1 minute costs about 10cents. It's amazing that such infrastructure completely exists here, and it's fairly fast. I have been skype-ing from my office and from a small 6-computer cybercafe across the street from the hostel. It's been great!

Also found a great little bookshop, Book Villa near the pretigious Stanley Hotel which lets you either be a member and borrow books all year for a fee or buy a book and once you return it, you can buy another book for half price. Such a great idea! I also noticed how entreprenuerial people are here. I meet taxi drivers running small food stands on the side of the road. People selling newspapers at every corner (and lots of people read the newspapers in Nairobi), lots of suits during the week heading to their job for the week. Amazing stuff.

It must be my week because a co-worker has offered me her spare bedroom to stay there for my remaining 3 months in Nairobi. She has a great furnished apartment on the 4th floor about 7-10 minute walk to the office. So I'll actually get to cook if I want to or order food in. That's all for now... have a great weekend.

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