Saturday, April 19, 2014

The revival 2014

How do I start to commemorate the revival of this blog:
The only way really is to awaken it from its slumber, resuscitate life and start writing.
The things which have kept me below the radar are two energy-filled critters who can be followed on my Instagram account.  Here are some of the latest photos which have been added to the collection:

But now the task at hand: start writing about my latest research interests. Although using instagram to post my pups' latest adventures is fun (and this may still be used occasionally for this platform), the purpose of writing through this blog is to keep focus (ie move away from the candy crushes and other distractions sometimes). Questions to keep in my mind: what is going on in the field of ICTs in Africa and what are the latest works around international development particularly around poverty reduction?  I hope I can contribute some commentary around it as well. 

What is on my "To-Read" list this week?
Wekwete, N. N. (2014). Gender and Economic Empowerment in Africa: Evidence and Policy. Journal of African Economies, 23(suppl 1), i87-i127.

In the abstract, the author describes the continuation of gender inequality on the continent and that we need to insist on ridding countries of policies which reinforce these injustices.  One line which caught my eye on the latest initiatives which may contribute to women's economic empowerment was 
...use of technology to access markets such as mobile phones to release women’s time in caring and domestic work...
tell me more, she said... 

I'm also reading the latest from Buskens', "Gender and ICT4D" which will be available on ICA Encyclopeadia of Digital Communication & Society.  It is truly a beautiful guide for development studies or ICT4D researchers who want a great starting point in understanding the basis of gender research with emphasis on its progression within the ICT4D field.

I'm hoping these above entries will help me to advise on some of the latest research on ICT4D coming from UKZN:  Mbarathi's "The Impact Of Saving Using Mobile Money Transfer Technology Services Among Rural Wage-Earning Women: A Case Study In Maragua District, Kenya

But let me stop here for now, start reading and getting on with the task at hand.