Monday, December 17, 2007

Best Travel Tackling Techniques: O.R. Tambo Johannesburg Airport

I can say I'm a O.R. Tambo regular. Fly out Friday, Fly in Monday. I actually have started find there is a group of vigilante weekend warriors who do the trip as I do to Durban. In the last three months, I share some of the wonderful tidbits that have helped me kill through 30-90 minute wait (either because your cheap flight is delayed or you got to the airport so dang early just in case there is an accident on the road that could be backed up for hours).

1) The Keg and Aviator: Yes, the best way to kill time at O.R. Tambo is finding a nice pint and cheese nachos and just let the hair down. Actually x-nay the nachos - they are kinda not fun and will not meet your expectations. Tucked away at the far end of the restaurant floor, it's worth the few steps further. Do not let them seat you near the entrance; ask to be seated near the back with the flat-screen TVs and people and catch the most recent sport highlights. Sit at one of the long lounge tables, so much room, and it's usually never full. Killer.

2) Sushi at the Ocean Basket: Okay so they may take FOREVER to deliver a few maki rolls, but who cares? The craving must be satisfied and if you are lucky, you might have the women who delivers you the soft rock hits of the 80s on her synthesizer and voice. YEOW.

3) Wi-Fi internet: love it. Sit just about anywhere and time kill on Facebook and digg and other random websites. The phasing out can be so easy.

4) Hand Luggage only: Okay for within country travel, it's worth it. You stare at the long queues and feel the luggage getting heavier and heavier.

5) Lastly, Shaded Parking # 3: Totally wicked find. While not as cheap as Supersaver parking in butt-f* no-where, Shaded Parking #3 is half the price of the other covered lots and it's still close enough to walk if you feel like. The bonus is of course the free shuttle that takes you right to your vehicle or any of the departure gates. love it. I wish I clued into this one 2 months earlier.

Monday, December 10, 2007

9 Great Websites for South Africa Trip Planning

I have been so lucky to have many of my friends from home come visit me in my last few years in South Africa / Kenya. I always have loads of questions thrown my way on Africa in general and travel and living tips in the area. This is my top 9 things to consult before jumping across the ocean to live/work/study or party/travel in South Africa!

1) Free Classified listings in Durban:
It's the craigslist of South Africa! So great for finding rental apartments and cars!

2) Cheap Flights within South Africa:
All countries have their cheap flights within the country... Kulula, Mango and 1time are the way to go at reasonable rates if you happen to get the right deals. JNB to DUR can be as low as $20-$50 one way!

3) Cheap Car Hire in Jo-burg:
I have my old Toyota Corolla beater for 2500 R ($415) a month as I look for a possible permanent vehicle. Best price I have found so far for an automatic.

4) Backpacking in S.A. and Mozambique:
This free guide is on recycled paper at any of the backpackers across South Africa. It is a great way to move across this country at a great price!

5) Good Eats in S.A.:
I love their top 10 lists.

6) Events in Durban and S.A.:
Haven't used it much but looks promising...

7) Blogs in Africa:
Get a real sense of what's happening around Africa...

8) Social Bookmarking in Africa:
what are people finding as interesting in Africa?

9) Techy stuff on Africa:
I got some of my social bookmarking links from here. Really innovative stuff.