Monday, February 05, 2007

The Junction in Nairobi

I moved into the new place yesterday and I'll soon post some photos of the pad. It's really great and there is a small balcony where you can stare out onto the busy main road. There is some kind of church across the way so there were loads of vehicles parked all over. I went over to one of the local malls called the Junction and finally exposed myself to Nairobi coffee at the Java House. This outdoor patio in front of the parking lot was packed with people local and non-local all enjoying a Sunday brunch. I had myself a beef burrito with guacamole and beans - not bad! The coffee is pretty good too with a whole selection that any real coffee shop should host. It is incredible but there is certainly a demand for this type of coffee shop in Nairobi with the mix of expatriates and locals reaching the middle class income level. Attached is a massive Nakumatt for groceries as well as other little clothing shops and the Kazuri beads shop. Great place if you want to be out of the city and need a piece of "home"...

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