Friday, October 06, 2006

Research work break in the Maputo apartment

Day Three in Mozambique
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It's noon in Maputo and took this photo with undumbo on the 9th floor of the apartment patio. Click on the photo to see more shots of where I am staying before I head out to the field. Today I had an interview with one of the field officers of a Swiss NGO who concentrates on natural resource management in the Matutuine district. He gave me a great idea of the history of this area after the war and what forms of economic development he sees will progress for the communities. He sees full potential of tourism particularly in this area located close to some of the most beautiful beaches on the coast as well as the growth of the Elephant Game Reserve. However, the young people of the district have been migrating to South Africa or Swaziland because of the lucrative offers of the Rand and better jobs. One community who is running a lodge hopes to eventually take the profits of their venture and invest in building a school. This school is part of their plan to educate their children and create incentives and jobs for the youth to stay in Mozambique.

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