Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mozambique memories

Erin, my old roommate here in Maputo was sure to re-introduce me to the excellent taste sensations of Mozambique. Last night, we went to our favourite French restaurant place called la Pinga. Delicious medium rare steaks on rochefort sauce and escargots. And the chef is quite the character, he forgets to open your bottle of wine at the table and says "well, if you want me to open the bottle that means it will be finished right away." and someone always falls for the oh, don't worry, we'll be sure to buy another and mental note who said it.

I got my new Mozambique cell phone number activated and great to hear from some old friends. I met with the people of the Mozambique Microfinance Facility shortly just to say hello and then came back to the apartment to start getting my research sorted. It looks like we won't be leaving for Bela Vista until Tuesday which is fine with me. I still have to tie up some loose ends with the research questions before I can get on the field.

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