Sunday, October 08, 2006

The gardens of the Natural History Museum in Maputo

Here is one of the dinosaur-like figures that stand in the gardens of the Natural History Museum in Maputo. We haven't quite figured out which prehistoric animal it is because the sign was ripped off to explain the type and to be honest, visitors must take it as it is for lasting as long as it has through war. The museum is actually massive and covering a massive section of freakishly taxi-dermied wildlife like leopard and lion, a few skeletons and a couple of true-scaled alligator models. I understand most people go there to see the exhibit of the entire gestation period of the unborn elephant. I personally found the anthropological section to be most interesting with old photos, tools and crafts of the Makonde people.
Yesterday, I went to a new spot here called the Camissa (next door to the Nucleo d'Arte Gallery, a little cafe that has live music on Sunday evenings. I remember it in 2004 as the alternative artist spot filled with scattered canvas and strumming guitar by a group in the corner. Today it has a mini stage and internet cafe; catching up with the times, which I think Mozambique has the potential to do especially in the capital. Really great Mozambican vibe that reminds me again why this capital city always draws me back. The city is lively in dance, music, food, and nightlife, much different from any African city I've ever been to, and many others do say the same.

Today, I'm meeting with some of my key informants and hopefully my translator who will be assisting me on the field. Otherwise, the day is spent getting ready to head out tomorrow!

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