Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kakaloi from Ghana: Drumming Sensation!

Awesome Africa hosted some fantastic music last Sunday, one being this wicked Ghanian drumming group called Kakaloi. Amazing stuff. They drummed, did back flips and balanced slipping garbage can lids on sticks - very talented.

I finally reached Maputo and staying at my old apartment on Rua de Julius Nyerere. I'm very stoked to be back in Maputo and see a few changes from 2004. New pink BIM bank outlets, a new cigar bar next door, a bit of new paint on the buildings, but same door guard calling me menina - I guess that means they remember me. A few new additions to the 9th floor apartmento - two doggies, one that looks like those starwars ewok creatures and the dingo. super friendly pups. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get myself sorted with my project and make my way to Bela Vista on Friday.

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