Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First visit to Male Yeru

Yesterday, I got to tag along with the Mozambique Microfinance Facility (MMF) and International Capital Corporation (ICC) and learn more about a recent research study on the demand for savings in the Matutuine District where Hluvuku-Male Yeru (the microfinance institution which I will be studying) is located. Their study interviewed clients of the MFI and found that many clients were travelling in to the capital to deposit their savings because there is no facility currently used to make deposits in the area. The big journey to town is time-consuming and costly by transport and risky should the individual get mugged on the way to the bank. There was also savings groups called xitiques or just keeping it at home but all clients in the interview said that they would want savings to be provided by their local microfinance operator, Male Yeru.

I came back to Maputo yesterday to finish up some internet research and meet some friends for dinner. I hope to be back for Saturday for the 3rd anniversary of the Swedish school soccer team that I played on in 2004. I can't wait to check out more of Bela Vista this afternoon.

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