Thursday, March 09, 2006

Down to work

So, looks like I will be spending the weekend working on a 5 page paper and as some of my old roommates would know my habits of working on papers, I will probably be worrying about it all weekend while doing short stints of fun things but feeling completely guilty for doing fun things... then sleeping at 10pm Sunday night with papers all around by mattress to only have to wake up at around 3am Monday morning to hammer out the gist of an okay paper. So maybe I should wrap up the worrying and just do the paper this Friday and have the whole weekend free? Well, then it just wouldn't be the diga way. Have a great weekend.

by the way, I learned some Zulu phrases yesterday from an 11-year-old, Kersti. All I remember right now is Yebo! YES!! Let me know if you find any good Zulu learning websites so that I can hold conversations with random people at the bus stop or listen in on people saying, "man, that girl is crazy!" or "don't hit the monkey on the road". or "are these grapes washed?". okay.

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barinder said...

aha ha ahhah ahha...i know those habits very well. good to know things are going well. thanks for sending the articles, i'll be reading them while i procrastinate, naturally.

shout out from 2906.