Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Development as Freedom

Well, I finally have some webtime to spare! I've just been busy with school work as we come up to near half-way point of the 1st quarter so all of us are scrambling to submit our first assignments and prepare for the first test of the year. I just wrapped up two presentations (one on Smith's basic supply/demand concepts and another on the post-Washington Consensus) and a paper. Now I'm a few reading packages behind so I should get on that. Right now, we are covering post-development concepts with writers like Amartya Sen (Development as Freedom) where she states that development will take place only once people are provided with "substantive freedom in enriching human life". Freedoms include the ability to combat starvation, illiteracy, numeracy, and the ability to engage in polical life, enjoy economic resources, social programs, the sight of transparency and the provision of security.

Other things: South Africa had won the Cricket ODI series 3-2 to Australia with a record 438 in 49.5 overs. Apparently this is unheard of in the game of cricket and people have gone ape wild over this victory especially happening on their home turf. I haven't seen much of the rugby take place but I know our team is the Sharks and there are loads of crazy rugby fans noted by their apparel, stickers on cars, and continuous talk about the next game. Yea, I think I can grow to enjoy both sports.

It's starting to become autumn here in Durban. Hot weather by day and a bit of a chilly breeze by night. It's beautiful though with the purple skies lighting up beyond the clouds.

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