Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Moving - to down the street

So goodbye to my ocean view beachfront home to just down the road in a smaller "granny flat" with a tiny ocean horizon site as they call it in S.A. The builders are full steam with renovations at the house where I am living, fully plastering and knocking out walls for new bathroom fixtures... this means I'll be hosting a huge moving away party on the 31st of March! My new place is $225 CAD per month with water/electricity included, has a small kitchen, small loungy area, bedroom, bathroom but I'm a little concerned whether there will be any appliances included (as in basic fridge, stove, etc.). We'll see at the end of the month. Good thing I can still walk down to the beach.

At the big house, we had Nontemba come in for half a day at R40 ($10 CAD) once a week to clean the rooms, bathroom, patio, and kitchen. Domestic workers are a commonplace to have at home as well as your gardener. I guess it would probably be a good idea to keep that job going for her since she will not be able to clean at the construction site and I'm not sure if she has other work or income going besides this.


Erin said...

Hey Digs - i hope this small flat has room for the rowdies in October! To give you an update flights are looking awesome and we will probably be flying to London and then on to Durban - I have a travel agent working out some prices for us - See you in October 2006!!


PS - deanna and I have started our surf work out now so that we are ready for SA

digtabulous said...

dOOODDDe, excellent! I will give you exact dates very soon because I have a better idea on my timeline now. I'll figure out accomodations, you figure out the closest flight here! don't forget your snorkel! luv digs