Saturday, March 21, 2009

ICTs in Burkina and my Research

ICT Art in Burkina Faso

Still on the artist theme, shift to check out the mural work coming from Burkina Faso. I posted this one which has a computer user asking about finding a husband online. Yup. Penpals or mail order brides go online. I find it as a real reflection of how computers are starting to influence a few lives in West Africa.

As for ICTs on my front, I’ll be heading to the shindig, ICTD2009 conference in Doha mid April. There is this Young Researchers Workshop which should be fun, if you are hopefully looking for innovation gong show. I hope there is beer. Here’s my paper on my current work and the struggles of young African scholars in finding opportunities in collaboration.

ICTD Submission Final(2)

I also just submitted this short article about access to knowledge and gender to the website, will post if it ends up making the cut!

Besides the conference, I’m busy trying to sum up my research work on emergencies and ICTs in Ghana and Uganda. I’ve got my TAMs Analyzer qualitative tool working by my side. It just gets so tiring trying to get through the scripts and make sense out of it all. And especially when there is so much excitement coming up in April!

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