Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What would our world be like if all women participated in the knowledge economy?

FTX blog: 11/12/2008

As we reach our last track day here at FTX, I do not see it as the end to learning and practice.

Firstly at AWID, we hope to keep our FTX friends connected with SMS (through newly learned tools) to keep in touch with news and actions happening as we disperse among the 2000+ delegates and go to our separate hotel accomodations. I also hear rumours of a wireless network being set up at the conference as a practical demonstration and possible testing of the new prototype of Freedom Fone.

Secondly, Take back the Tech will be a great way to practice new skills. Done.

Beyond FTX and AWID, I see feminists being better heard through the new tools. But how do we document the possible successes and hardships that we will most definitely run into now that our FTX tech support network is not at the tips of our fingers like now? How will feminist work be shaped because of the use of SMS to advocate for improved access to ICTs for women? What will be the industry reaction be to the changing environment as women gain better skills in wireless networking?

1. Let us not stop questioning.

2. Let us document, video, audio-record, photograph, write, SMS.

3. Let us talking about it one-on-one.

4. Let us get people to see the light.

5.Let us share with each other how our world would look like if women were able to reach their full potential.



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