Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TakeBacktheTech - 16 days of activism

I recently met Jac and her APC crew who thought of this innovative way to explore violence against women through ICTs.

At the recent Feminist Tech Exchange in Cape Town, it is actually amazing to learn of how women are suppressed from their freedom of expression around the world. Websites are continuously torn down or hacked if it does not suit a certain government's views. Children are tricked to participate in graphic, explicit websites or forums. The right to protect your information and privacy could be invaded as each day passes.

Being based here in South Africa, where words of violence and abuse directed at women and children (even from the incoming president) are mind-boggling, it is imperative that one explores the new and innovative ways to beat the system. Please follow takebackthetech during the next 15 days of activism if you believe in a better world.

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