Monday, December 10, 2007

9 Great Websites for South Africa Trip Planning

I have been so lucky to have many of my friends from home come visit me in my last few years in South Africa / Kenya. I always have loads of questions thrown my way on Africa in general and travel and living tips in the area. This is my top 9 things to consult before jumping across the ocean to live/work/study or party/travel in South Africa!

1) Free Classified listings in Durban:
It's the craigslist of South Africa! So great for finding rental apartments and cars!

2) Cheap Flights within South Africa:
All countries have their cheap flights within the country... Kulula, Mango and 1time are the way to go at reasonable rates if you happen to get the right deals. JNB to DUR can be as low as $20-$50 one way!

3) Cheap Car Hire in Jo-burg:
I have my old Toyota Corolla beater for 2500 R ($415) a month as I look for a possible permanent vehicle. Best price I have found so far for an automatic.

4) Backpacking in S.A. and Mozambique:
This free guide is on recycled paper at any of the backpackers across South Africa. It is a great way to move across this country at a great price!

5) Good Eats in S.A.:
I love their top 10 lists.

6) Events in Durban and S.A.:
Haven't used it much but looks promising...

7) Blogs in Africa:
Get a real sense of what's happening around Africa...

8) Social Bookmarking in Africa:
what are people finding as interesting in Africa?

9) Techy stuff on Africa:
I got some of my social bookmarking links from here. Really innovative stuff.

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