Monday, March 19, 2007

News from Nairobi: March 2007

So I was doing a search on the web and found that a website had posted my blog on the Java House as "Kenya News". I guess the website gathers interesting stories pertaining to the region and puts them all in this one place.

Things are going real well in Nairobi. Within the country of Kenya, final preparations for the World Cross Country Championships race in Mombasa is underway. The local papers are posting photos of all the athletes flying into the country for the race and excitement building for this weekend. On the other side of the coin, the papers have also been reporting on the poor gentrification process. Instead of assisting to clean up the filthy alleys of the city, the committee responsible has instead put up large sheets of metal to cover up the realities. Also streetchildren have been "swept away" for the event and rumours of protest line the newspaper columns. It is a bit sad that some poor results of preparing well in advanced for a world class event has again surfaced and what can one do but hope the race goes well??

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