Friday, February 23, 2007


The web is a powerful place. I had bought a mac computer because of the ease of its editing software for video, software that I had become fairly familiar with during my time at undergrad setting up UBC TV on campus. We were circuit one and streamed video on sports events through out campus. At that time, we were revolutionary, in having the ability to broadcast the largest intramural program in Canada. Now, I logged onto the UBC TV website and they have caught on with the blaze of videoblogging and show videos created by their team and UBC students. Amazing stuff.

Another revolution. Editing software is expensive. But NGO-in-a-box has gathered all the different Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) so that people can edit and produce video basically for free with their own equipment! Social activism on video is existing and videobloggers on forums like EngageMedia are showing others what is happening on the field in terms of activism. Blown away.

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