Friday, February 23, 2007

News from East Africa

River flooded 6 days ago
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Mozambique Cyclone : Wow, I have been following the news mainly from the prior flooding taking place. The flooding came from the release of the dam. Today, I learn about the cyclone. I hope that the prior evacuation had helped to keep the displaced from what could have been disastrous. Read more...

Nairobi: Headlines: "Death of a Gangster"

The last month, the national newspapers have been posting photos of the recently gunned down in Nairobi. After two Americans and a prominant AIDs doctor shocked the international community, steps were taken to oust the crime wave. Apparently this criminal has been causing trouble in his community for a long time charged for 11 murders and many other robberies. Only since high profile individuals had been caught in the killing spree have steps been taken to find individuals like Simon Matheri. However, had the high profile murders not taken place, would the killings continue on in this small neighborhood in Athi River? This is the case for many other neighborhoods of the poor who suffer insecurity and crime in their areas where they have reported activity to the police but do not have the international coverage.

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