Thursday, January 25, 2007

Book Release - The Media and the Rwanda Genocide

Here in Nairobi office, we have Allan Thompson doing his book release, "The Media and the Rwanda Genocide", and is available online to download or to purchase. Professor at Canada's renowned journalism school, Carleton University, Professor Thompson delivers a collection of writings that display how Rwanda waas infitrated by hate media during the genocide which instigated much of the fighting and how the international media chose to turn a blind eye to the situation and how the presents of media could have changed the results of the horrific events that took place in 1994. In one of the writings, it talks about how censorship is still strong today within government with leaders once in charge of propaganda and military intelligence and this is not just talking about Rwanda. This book describes how even today editors, reporters and those who produce any opposing views to the government is classified as "genocial ideology". Many have been exiled, killed, or persecuted in prison... the same was happening in Mozambique when a reporter was mysteriously murdered after reporting on certain stories implicating governmental officials to misuse of donor funding.

It's happening in the world and I give kudos to those reporters who have been willing to risk their lives to report the truth and even more respect to those who take action.

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