Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ICT Innovation in poor village in Mozambique

I'm heading home to Vancouver today; very excited but busy as ever. I have to admit that I have been mainly occupied trying to organize my way back to Africa for the next year coordinating dates and places to stay. I'll be living in Nairobi for the next 3-4 months trying to understand how technology is or isn't helping in alleviating poverty. In the meanwhile, I'm working to clean up this dissertation and get on with this new study. Any motivational words because it sure is difficult during the holiday season. My supervisor said 8 hours each day on the weekends - I guess you have to do what you've got to do!

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leigh said...

that's wicked! I'd love to see more rural/tech photos.

what are you finding works well (in the way of tech?) Any sanitation stuff?