Monday, September 25, 2006

One week countdown to Maputo

Well, as expected the 15-page paper on South Africa's Land reform and social policy was completed yesterday morning at 5:30am. YEA! To celebrate, I went down to the beach for a snorkel in the rock pools; all kinds of tropical fish floating around under the rocks covered with small crabs nestled in their shell homes. These there were the beach creatures - hordes of families and dogs enjoying the first hints of hot sun - signs of summer in the southern hemisphere is on its way!

The monday was a South African national holiday - Heritage Day - and there were all kinds of music festivals and events taking place around the country. South Africa has a vast amount of heritage to celebrate as the country is multi-lingual, multi-racial and multicultural and all histories have much to contribute to what the nation is today. There were Zulu ceremonies, open air music stages in Cape Town and Jo-berg.

In Durban, I'm not sure of the festivities but there is one big one happening next weekend; Awesome Africa Festival which I'll be checking out as the Afro-Cuban All Stars will be playing.

On UKZN campus, it is empty because it is mid-term break holidays. It's great to not be bombarded at every door with undergraduates and long lineups for coffee! It will be a nice space to start preparing all that needs to be done before heading up to Maputo, Mozambique, probably on Tuesday. I found out that I was awarded a small grant from the African Integration Grant which I'm stoked about! Just a little stipend to get me there and back and pay for a decent translator.

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