Friday, September 22, 2006

The Last late paper... hopefully.

So I worked so hard to try to finish this paper yesterday; I even stayed up until 9:30pm... and here I am, still trying to get it done on the due date. Old habits are hard to pass. Right now, I think the Introduction and poverty profile of South Africa is closest for submission. Well, one step at a time!

Other than that, the weather has been gorgeous in Durban and a massive swell just trucked through this coastline yesterday. I woke up and went down to a well-known surf spot called Cave Rock on the Bluff. Of course, not one person was surfing at 6:15am but a few body boarders looked like they were about to slaughter some waves. As for me, no surf and back to the grueling paper.

No big plans for the weekend but possibly see some rugby games. The Curry Cup has been running where all the South African provincial teams face off against each other for the cup. I believe that the Cheetahs (from the Free State) are in contention for the Cup and our home team, the Sharks, are hanging on by the thread in order to stay in the semi-finals. Still wish I was watching ice hockey but nothing wrong with digging the fingers deep into the biltong (beef jerky) and chip bowl while watching a bit of rugby. Check out the Sharks homepage at:


j-roc said...

forge on with the paper!! i know the feeling...paper due soon and time flies when you're working, surfing, and not quite getting all the readings done...but it's good to know i'm not the only one:)

sweet that your new board is rad!! i may be needing a new wetsuit soon cuz it's getting out for the sharks!

digtabulous said...

cheers janice. Hang in there and never forget to get in the water beyond all priorities! hahaah. I forgot my wetsuit the other day and boy, still way too chilly to be pulling off the rashguard and bikini combo here in Durban! - what sharks?