Thursday, September 14, 2006

Morning Chocolate and Coffee Mug

I have given into my Vancouver habits and bought myself one of those stainless steel coffee mugs for 40R (6$ CAD) from the UKZN Campus shop. I lost my old one somewhere during the trip to the Transkei and every day living on the edge as to how I was going to make the day without a portable mug. I read in last weekend's paper that Durban has quite the coffee "society" forming. Um, not. Until I see at least two coffee shops at every intersection of the town and people jogging with their dog and mug, I am duly unconvinced. I miss those Friday mornings before work, grabbing a cup at the local shop, reading the newspaper or chatting with the ladies before the last grueling day of the week.

It was a 6:30am start at New Pier beach with Anna, German girl doing Masters in Communications and Media, I believe, and Sean for a small small westerly wind surf. I thought we were just at the wrong beach but glanced over at the other spots and things were looking pretty weak as well. Still nice to paddle around in the morning and get the arms on the go.

Yesterday, I just took it easy at home and read through articles on land re-distribution and cash transfers for my last assignment. I am supposed to compare these two government policy choices, both benefits and challenges of both of them and give my recommendation for South Africa's development plan. Um, probably one of the more tougher assignments I have had to do from my whole year here! Well, I guess they don't let you off that easy with this degree.

I've also been planning for my trip up North to Mozambique. I'll probably stay at my old apartment in Maputo during my time there as Suzanne and Erin are still hanging out with the puppy and cats on the 9th floor penthouse suite of Julius Nyerere Avenue. It's such a great place with a view of Maputo Bay and just enough wind to blow all the nasty mozzies away. I think I may have also located a local translator who can assist me with my field-work in the small rural town of Bela Vista. Looks like things are coming together, piece-by-piece.

Back to work...


2906 said...

Oh Kathleen, Friday morning coffees haven't been the same without you either. Nothing has been!


digtabulous said...

thank, b! It's one of the things I look forward to doing when I swing around town again! The Friday morning coffee shop hunt!