Thursday, September 28, 2006

hot day in durban

Yesterday, I spent most of the time at the beach and fitting minimum time on working on my qualitative questions for my research next week. It's tough to concentrate with the sun beaming into your home and calling your name to come out and play! I've been reading alot into social capital and tools to measure it an important factor in development. A quick synopsis, if a community has strong trust, civil participation and social networking opportunities (social groups, sports clubs, church, etc.), it could mean that social capital is high and that it can help to see more sustainable and understood plans for growth and development within a community. However, this is only one of the features I will be measuring when I arrive in the community. I will also look at the history of the community, the structures around them (schools, clinics, microfinance institution), the environment and the economic prospective of the area to develop a better sense of the community's ability to lift themselves out of poverty.

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