Friday, August 25, 2006

Burning the midnight oil

I have just met up with one of my supervisors, Gavin, to give me the thumbs up to hand in my research proposal. Just a few more revisions and should be ready to be submitted to our department's Program coordinator and then the University's Higher Degree group for approval to go to Mozambique. Apparently, I can also apply for money through the Ford Foundation on research outside of South Africa. Yes, I am getting on that train for sure! This week, our Poverty and Inequality classes were about different ways to look at poverty. Amartya Sen has presented approaches such as capabilities and entitlement - capabilities is the ability for humans to reacht their needs and entitlement is some enforced idea that one is deserving of certain needs and services. Interesting stuff. Tonight, I'm checking out some Swiss dance group performing at the university's dance festival, JOMBA! Fun times!

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