Thursday, July 20, 2006

World Social Forum (Nairobi 2007) Preparations here in South Africa!

UKZN Centre for Civil Society is preparing for the World Social Forum in Narobi, Kenya January 20-25th 2007. The World Social Forum is an opportunity for activists around the world to collaborate on social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability. Starting today there will be seminars on social movements taking place across Africa particularly here in Soweto and Johannesburg. On Saturday, the day is called "African and International Critical Perspectives" and will see the likes of some prolific people who have fought the struggles of apartheid South Africa as well as the fight for rights to water, housing and life. Other exciting CCS events will be happening next week.

The photo is a book I am currently reading called the Liberal Virus by Samir Amin. I just started it but it looks like it is comparing Europe and The United States in their ideologies about capital accumulation and how the US model is much more dangerous in exploitation and increases of poverty around the world.

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