Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why our lives veer as they do.

Meth also makes us look back into our lives and try to see what different events and ideas led us down this certain path in life. We are somewhat directed on our own and somewhat veered by the constraints of policy in our daily lives. If Canada didn’t have universal education or health care, how would citizens develop as a nation? If they didn’t attempt to provide loans and scholarships, could I (or you) be where you are today? Why does Canada have strong campaigns of multiculturalism? Is our government leading us down a path promoting individual freedom through markets which are benefiting a more elite group, increasing the rich-poor gap and slowing diminishing the size of the middle class as seen in some parts of the United States? Canada is no different in its issues and politics as it is here in South Africa. The government that they choose must make important decisions such as whether education should be a universal right even though resources allocation is inadequate and unequal and teaching can be so poor in some parts of the country. Can some young people actually be worst off going to school?

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