Monday, April 10, 2006

Typing away about Mozambique

Not the most exciting weekend as it was mainly composed of me sitting in front of my laptop either reading journal articles I had downloaded or highlighting photocopies from other pile of paper. I'm still trying to finish the first of my 20+ page papers on post-colonialism in Mozambique from 1975-1982. Why you ask? Well, I suppose if I want to work in the country I should probably understand a bit about its history. It would probably be a bit ethnocentric to just take my assumptions from a Lonely Planet guidebook. It's been an interesting read though and found out more about Africa than I knew. from 1956-1965, 32 African states had gained independence from European colonial powers. Some of those tried to adopt a socialist form of government where decision making was based on consensus and community. In Mozambique, however, historical causes such as ethnic conflict, separation by the Portuguese armies, hiding from forced labour, had made many people to live in dispersed 3-4 household groupings all throughout the country. So Mozambique had less of the typical village or community type structure than other African states.

This weekend had been mainly overcast. Apparently, this is how it feels when the autumn comes about. On Friday, I did go for a long walk on the beach passed this decrepit whaling station and collected 30+ kare shells on the beach. These are those smooth shells that people put on their hemp necklace. I couldn't believe how many were in front of me. Back to work...

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