Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ben Cashdan - White Gold

This week had a chance to view a short documentary called White Gold produced by Johannesburg's Ben Cashdan. This film was about the exploitation of the Lesotho Highlands and the dams being produced to provide water to cities in South Africa. It displays the project according to its devastating effects to the environment, the displacement of indigenous people and the benefits only filtering to the rich. The other issue is the poor maintenance of the water pipes leading to South Africa as they have leaks all the way down to the cities. He's got other great docs on water privatization and apartheid. See if you can get your hands on it.

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AMercik said...

Hello, My name is Amarilys Mercik and Im currently attending Pace University in New York city. Im writing a paper on the effects of water privatization on South African women and came across the question as to what the Government is doing to make sure all the people of south Africa have the basic need of water?? Is the government negligent or is it basically profits over people? Does the film you are reffering to "White Gold" address these questions?