Friday, February 10, 2006

Week One: Check!

Soooooo... the first photo is the view from my place on the Bluff. Second photo is the law building on Howard Campus. So first week of Orientation is done and I'm about as lost as Waldo. Just as Waldo, I'd tip my toque, straighten the glasses and continue to walk around with a smile on Howard campus. Yes, I got lost trying to find my way home. Yes, the strike has kept me from registering for any classes, getting a student for the purpose of use of the internet in the labs and other academic things (library. ha). The administrator at the School of Development Studies is sympathic to the internationals since we are the majority and has been in and out the office assisting with course materials, answering questions. Other business, I went out for my first surf yesterday in the town. Small 3 metres, super gentle, on a nice sandy bank... I need to ease into the surf again considering my last month in Vancouver consisted of very little exercise. Trying out this 7'4 mini-mal a bit heavier than Stewart board back home. Another surf this afternoon, another westerly blowing so should make for some nice off shore waves again on the south coast. Have a good weekend and talk to you all soon.

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