Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Arrival in Durban

Finally arrived in South Africa after a 7 hour flight to Dakar, 1 hour fuel stopover, then 8 hour flight to Jo-berg, followed by a stroll through the international arrivals to domestic departures with my 28 kg suitcase and backpack. I was picked up and staying over at a house in the Bluff facing the beach. Huge 5 footers rolling though after the storm and will take photos as soon as I get my Apple set up. I started a Writing Skills class today and met about 20+ classmates for my Masters... yeah, only 2 of them are actually South African. Some from Kenya, US, Ethiopia, Norway... just what I was looking for. Ask for the class, I think the main point I got out of it is to keep writing and ideas will flow. Don't be closed off by a structure or narrow path as you might miss some of the best ideas doing the alternative. Thank you for all your emails and I will do my best to write back once I get real online access. By the way, the school is on strike. fancy that. ha.

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