Friday, August 12, 2005

Showcase: CARE

I thought this might be a good idea to showcase some of the international NGOs out there in hopes that you become familiar with some these organization's goals and objectives and decide for yourself whether their cause meet your own values and hopes for a better place to live. It does not necessarily mean that I support their work but it's a good start for learning about their work abroad either in aid or economic development. CARE International has been around since 1946 and service over 70 developing countries. There are 12 member countries in CARE each of which implement their own projects (own funding) in agriculture, income generation initiatives, emergency, health, etc. I guess CARE caught my eye in their regular advertisement in the business section: Tools for Development ( They are gathering new and used equipment from people and industry to provide to micro-businesses abroad. Interesting concept if they are able to figure low shipping costs and good criteria as to whom these tools may be given.

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