Wednesday, August 10, 2005


It's been a while since my last post since I have been trying to put together some application letters for grad school and some overseas positions. The Canadian Society for International Health have some job postings for mainly young technology-based consultants for Ethiopia, Vietnam, the Phillipines and South Africa. I have also started to compile some good websites to pursue for other internships and scholarships for work abroad.

I recently received this publication, developments, the international development magazine, in the mail. I am not sure when or what I signed up for in the recent months but the UK's DFID funds this collection of articles and news about projects (mainly DFID-funded) happening around the world. This particular edition emphasized stories about Ethiopia and its thriving history and it's attempt to move away from the stereotypical image of the starving and famine. There are a few words from Bob Geldof on his perspective of changing the minds of our leaders to aid increase, debt cancellation and trade justice.

Another free publication is "The Rough Guide to a Better World", a short guidebook to "how the world can be a better place for everyone".

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