Friday, July 25, 2014

Our changing world and advice on technology

Ito's advice must be good advice which is why I read his recent piece (07/08/2014) on TED: "8 pieces of advice for thriving in a world of constant change."  Using a shark feeding analogy around complexity only adds to my interest with my love for the sea, my marine scientist partner and as a surfer in general.  



The first five seem do-able enough (ie. 'do-it,' anti-discipline, be unconfortable, etc) ; stuff that I and other change makers I'm sure feel or do on a regular basis.  I also think point #6 is also very very related to the research work that I do:

Technology like communication tech can help to facilitate faster cash transfers, improve information, keep me up to date with the happenings of friends and family. I know these activities I figure are already happening everyday because that's how life operates - money, advice to guide me and social interaction aspects.   Tech can help me live my life a little bit better. 

Then point 7 and 8 are probably the hardest: 'deprogram yourself' and 'make your own model.'  I think you have to be brave to do these and perhaps you can still strive in our current world without doing them. Those who are radically able to do this would certainly have all the resources and ability to make #7 and #8 happen.  But I suppose if life were broken up to bits and pieces and you can incorporate some of the passionate stuff in one's life as well as challenging the norm every so often in these bits and bobs, we will then be a 'thriver' in our awesome world. 

Great Friday read, happy weekend!

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