Thursday, February 18, 2010

The creativity that I call South Africa

It’s taken a few years, but I am now starting to inch to the edges of the creativity explosion that I call South Africa. Since arriving here a few years ago, I’ve always been stoked on the conventional handicrafts of wired animals, patterned cloth and beaded jewelry of Africa. I’ve seen even fewer concerts and wandered into a few gallery and fashion shows in my day.  But recently, I’ve started to learn more about the ingenious film, music, blogs, art and writing collective that rates high for me in terms of South African originality and quirk. And why wouldn’t it be here? The country is immersed in an environment of inspiration whether it be the breathtaking landscape and ocean, or the intense history of the people coupled with the diversity of endemic species of animal, plants and race. So given this new found creative space and revelation of awesomeness, I hope to reveal on this blog some great places, adventures and living artifacts that come my way in South Africa. Some of great stuff that I’ve seen lately include: White Wedding, Bunny Chow, Jerusalema, (all these films can be seen on long haul flights with South African airlines) Die AntwoordSouth African Vice writers, Mahala, go Magazine, Visi Mag, skinny laminx and Bruce MacKay (I love his Dee Tee).

All kinds of great stuff coming up like Design Indaba in Cape Town (26-28 Feb 2010) and 2010 Afrika Burns (22-27 April 2010) in the Tankwa Karoo.

Look forward to a year of creative vibrations.

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