Thursday, November 05, 2009

Conference Paper: Mobiles and Perceptions of Mobile / Emergency Response in Peri-rural Ghana

This presentation was prepared for the 3rd International Development Informatics Association (IDIA) Conference. 28-30th October 2009 Johannesburg; South Africa. The draft paper and report on the conference will be posted on this space very soon.

Special thanks to Wireless Africa research partner, One Village Foundation, and Mr. Kafui Prebble, for the organization's logistical support back in November 2008 for this field research.

Conference Paper Abstract:

Local rural communities frequently receive little assistance in resolving acute emergencies. In rural areas, emergencies are thus resolved using alternative local mechanisms and adapted practices mediated through available technologies. However, local mechanisms may lead to various barriers such as potentially asymmetrical emergency information to a certain population and can remain on a “who-you-know” basis. Individuals who are new to an area or those disadvantaged with poor social networks are limited to time-consuming and costly options for assistance during emergencies.

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