Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Research @ MobileActive08

5.1 Kathleen’s Participation at Mobile Active08: As for my contribution, I made two presentations about: 1) my previous research on Mobile and Women and 2) Mobile and Poverty. There were about 15 people in the first session and 7 in the second session. The interest in the area included those who were doing research in the field and wanted to know what research was out there on mobile. There was realization by all of the little research available on the adoption or behaviour change as a result of mobile phone.

5.1.1 Mobile & Women (Oct 13, 2008):
I had presented with Kutoma Wakunuma and her 3 year study in Zambia on women and mobile phones.

5.1.2 Working group session: Mobiles and Poverty (Oct 15, 2008): short write-up on the session found here. The presentation was on the substitutions being made for mobile phone services and a consensus by the audience was that further cost/benefit research needed to be conducted to determine the changing effects on poverty as a result of mobile phone usage.

Overall, the conference was a worthwhile experience for moving forward research on development and impacts through mobile phone innovation.

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