Tuesday, December 02, 2008

3.0 Recommendations and Actions

1. ICT & women’s rights research collaboration: The forum dialogue which has been sparked on feminism approaches to ICT4D and policy implications but there needs to be further research exploration perhaps through the Feminist Network on Gender, Development and Information Society Policies across Gender & ICT research networks. This can also include deeper analysis on the feminist practices of technology and communication rights for women.

2. ICT Capacity Building: It was obvious from the FTX training in new innovative media and web 2.0 tools are of high demand and need in developing countries. In cases of limited resources, there is high likelihood for women to have less chance to improve their technology skills. Thus interventions are required to ensure that women gain equal opportunities and become aware of their own patriarchal societies and cultures that are preventing these gains for other women.

3. Feminism and the Military: An extremely interesting realm of research from a completely different perspective.

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