Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hands dirty @ Wireless & Mobile

Blogging at FTX (11/11/2008):

Its a windy chilly day in Cape Town, but the weather has definitely not slowed down the energy of the participants at FTX. From the summary of the different track groups, it appears most facilitators have started with concept and technology introductions. Today, the groups are delving deeper into practice and usage of the technologies. In the wireless – mobile track, the participants are getting their hands dirty with testing FrontlineSMS for mass SMS campaigns. As with trying to add Fring to our mobiles yesterday, only one successful test group was able to get the messages out to the South African phone numbers using the software and GSM modem. Lets not despair; we still have time to work out the glitches with our other test groups. As our facilitator, Brenda stated, its the best way to learn about technology!

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