Friday, March 30, 2007

Young Kenya Entrepreneurs keen for business

Last weekend, I was invited to attend a Young Entrepreneurs Symposium hosted by the Kimathi Information Centre. The organizers, Jose and Carthy, were kind enough to arrange my pickup and tour of their digs while organizing their first big event hosted by the centre. They were hosting this event because a number of young people had asked for information on how to start a small business and where to get financing. Within two months, they brought in the Kenyan government representatives of the Youth Enterprise Fund, a few microfinance institutions and motivational speakers to address the group of over 100 young people on how to approach small business in Kenya.

Just as an observer, I was blown away by the initiative of this group of young volunteers who came together and produced a well-attended event for their neighborhood. They also organized a Market Day to allow young people to display their wares and word on the street found some of the biggest sales happening due to the event. Impressive.

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