Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hoodo and I having a java jolt before concert!

Java House is this uber Nairobi trendy coffee shop that is making quite the scene in the city. The place was packed on the Wednesday night, but I've heard that it's always busy no matter what time of day. This can be saying something about demand for coffee by the middle-upper class of this place. Then we moved on to check a Kenyan dance performance by Alema Dance. Check out the photos by clicking on Hoodo and I!

By the way, check out the funky scarf that I'm sporting. Before coming over to the Java House, Hoodo and I did an out-of-town shop for funky goods at a place called maridadi fabrics. Some super finds and has been supporting poor women since 1967. I will be bringing back this product for sale to you in Vancouver! :)

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