Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who questions the World Bank?

The Bretton Woods Project is fantastic and brave at pointing out the substantial flaws in development research conducted by the World Bank. Evidence come up "technically flawed" and "inconsistent" and many delivered and written only to complement an agenda set up by the institution. Many of the researchers are pressured to not offend their policies or partners and will choose Western researchers who believe in the same objectives they do. The major flaws of the World Bank is that their research is not peer-reviewed like most academic journals and they are unlikely to be conducted by developing country researchers. Other aspects outside of income are rarely conducted in order to truly understand a country's economic and developmental climate.

It is good to question where information has been retrieved and try to understand the flaws because at the end of the day, important policies are passed due to bad research which does not help the country in development.

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