Thursday, February 15, 2007

The restaurant below!

I finally had the chance to try out a new restaurant called Slims Restaurant. Now, I know you folks back in Vancouver get the impression of some cheap french fries and even cheaper beverages... but unfortunately, Slims (Nairobi) this is not the case. I entered in my flip flops and noticed, at around 6:30pm, the clientele were apres business folks in suits. Very nice central bar and booth seating on the side and well placed dining setting. Impressed! I sat with my friend Veronique and we ordered the guacamole and chips for a starter then one steak for her and one grilled tilapia for me. We chatted all about life and her getting back to conduct her research in Sudan (boy, have I been brought to another light about the conflict in Sudan!) and other things happening in and around Nairobi. The tilapia was excellent and not sure exactly how they were able to scale the fish and leave no bones! Nice herby type sauce. The crowd started to fill in a bit two hours later of Kenyans and a table of a few foreigners. Nice to try a new place once in a while.

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