Friday, January 19, 2007

World Social Forum registration tent

Well, I arrived at the tents on the Kenya International Conference Centre grounds at 8am and found myself sitting around reading the Nation (to see the other WSF events happening around town) until about 9am. A guy behind me asked if I wanted to register and I said, of course! Luckily I registered online and paid online so actually I was supposed to be there solely to confirm and pick up the registration package. What registration package and wrist band? Registration package? nope, still hasn't arrived and all festivities begin tomorrow. If this is a sign for the next week, I better pack 3 newspapers and a lunch and embrace the positive energetic chaos that will be here in Nairobi!

Tonight, there are several events taking place; Poetry Slam with possibly Dennis Brutus speaking at the Go Down Art Centre at 7pm, another artist performing at the Alliance Francaise (500 ksh) and then the big fundraising (??) concert with Oliver Mtukudzi and friends at 7pm at the KICC hall but its 1000 ksh (2000 ksh for VIP???) general admission. I think it's a bit out of the price range for many people to attend particularly for locals so like other overpriced events I have attended in Africa, I'm sure I'll be within a tiny crowd of foreigners and lots of Kenyan volunteers, which is not what the event should really be about. I hope that the organizing committee of WSF can prove me wrong.

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