Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Massive Swell Yesterday

Yesterday, I captured a few nice photos of the massive at least 6-8foot swells coming through the Durban coast. This shot is from Cave Rock, just a little south from where I live. There were about nine guys out in the water getting swallowed by white water at points but then drop in on some big waves on the outside. It was high tide at 4:30pm so not too many spectacular barrels, just massive drop ins.

I cleaned up the office a bit yesterday and sorted the bits of paper that have been looking for a home the last few months and threw a majority in the recycling bin (wait, there is no recycling bin, so to the garbage dump it goes).

The Centre for Creative Arts at UKZN is hosting in a few weeks from now the 10th Annual Poetry Africa Festival. All kinds of writers from around the world, loads of spoken word and book launches. Looks like an exciting event that I will miss while in Mozambique. Maybe next time.

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