Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dissertation Approved!!!

It's 6:27pm here still on campus attempting to concentrate on this IDRC internship proposal when pop! In my email box, is the subject line: "Proposal Approved". So stoked that my Mozambique project has the a-okay with the university! It's motivation to keep trucking on this current 10-pager that's for sure!

Today's second to last Poverty and Inequality seminar dealt with Poverty Reduction Strategies and Impact Assessments. More and more governments (and especially the World Bank) are getting on the bandwagon of monitoring and evaluation of their national budgets particularly in social programmes. The major theme which I came away with (besides reviewing these results-based management tools that I just produced for this proposal) is that without well-designed research which has been reviewed by experts, a policy can potentially not reach the targeted group of poor people it was meant to address. It comes back to my previous Political Economy course which looked at evidence-based policies and the potential danger of using evidence that is not well-researched to satisfy the right agendas in government.

10 min break is up. Back to proposal writing.


j-roc said...

Congratulations on your dissertation kathleen!

digtabulous said...

thanks janice! so life on the island is still excellent, I suppose? Lots of luck finishing of your last courses! digs