Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sharks at Ushaka Sea World, Durban

Sharks in Durban
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He's looking pretty hungry, doesn't he? After surfing in town (north-westerly, gail force wind) and eating alot of sand from the wind, decided to pop over next door to the beach to the local aquarium. Here is a photo of one of the many sharks and fish found at the great Ushaka Sea World right on the durban beach point. I'll try to post more of the wicked shots we got on the website, but it does not do it justice on the amazing diversity of tropical fish and predators in the sea. Yes, we did go see Africa and Zulu at the cheesy dolphin show and watch them do hula hoops and high jumps, but I've never seen so many colourful fish in one place. We spent over 5 hours at this place just bugging the hell out of the pompanos and named one fish, Gramps, the musselcracker fish. All thanks to a beer can that said two-for-one so we paid 87 Rand ($14.50 CAD, cheap! ) for two, otherwise i'm not sure if I would have come to this place. Unfortunately, the deal ends at the end of August. If I had a known what a spectacular fun place it was, I would have dumped my recycling there a long time ago and try the Whistler 2-for-1 ski-pass method to go there all the time all summer! The other great thing is how the aquarium tries to drill in the idea of conservation and taking care of the oceans in all areas of the park. This weekend, I'll be heading up to the midlands of South Africa to check out some kind of treetop thing (not sure what it is) and maybe go flyfishing. It's chilly in the midlands, so the toque is on for the first time in a long time!

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