Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mr. Price Pro

So I found out that this week, Durban hosts the 6 star WQS surfing competition called Mr. Price Pro. Big names like Occy, Sunny Garcia, Andy Irons and my fav, Kalani Robb are strolling the beachfront of North Beach... crazy. I'll be sure to head down and see what kind of festival this is really all about. In the meanwhile, here is a shot of yesterday's offshore from Garvies... crowded lineup by 10:30am.


lj77 said...

How are you over there? I hope fine!
I've followed the contest in the internet, I know some guys who surfed the contest. This week we have our big contest here, but only 1start WQS. Usually it was in Amado, but this year it'll be in Cordoama. And lot of party, he he.
Everything else here is cool, nothing special, always the same shit, ha ha.
All the best.

digtabulous said...

nice laarrrrrrs. yea, I missed the men's final but the women's final had two aussie women sitting at the break for 20min sets because it was blowing east... not happening for a surf break that needs a westerly. Huge event down here though at North Beach and I saw Marlon was on the scorecard to compete. how are the boys of Sagres doing? Have fun at the WQS and say hi to everyone for me. digs