Sunday, March 19, 2006

Studying all weekend...

Today, I have a 90 minute essay writing test where I need to prove that I have understood all theories up to now. I must have been in a daze when I initially read some of this material because second time looking at a few articles, I realized that I still have little comprehension of neo-Marxism and regulation theory, so I'm going to just give'r and see what piece of art comes out by 11am.

We had a visitor, Nicola, from Holland up for a few days at the house and now she is in Sodawana Bay doing some free diving. The rest of the weekend was spent a few hours surfing out front because there is a huge sandbank covering the reef. It makes it so much less scary when you know your wave pounding will not end up with scars. This Tuesday is a holiday; Human Rights Day, so I'll be propping the beach umbrella up as I try to suss out a good development economics editorial for submission for this Friday. Any ideas?

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